Legal Advisory


  • Corporate law encompasses many aspects of businesses and regulates how
    stakeholders can act within their company, which makes solid corporate
    legal advisory essential for any business, it is important for corporations to
    understand the liability and ownership held by different stakeholders in your
    company. Corporate law is important to understand because it can affect the
    way that your company grows and changes. When looking at corporate law,
    it is important to recognize that litigation can occur. When this happens, it is
    important to have a trusted advisor to help you through this process.
  • We at Universal Accountants, as professional and caring practitioners,
    always aim to fully understand our clients’ perspective. We understand our
    clients’ needs and various legal services that may be required under
    different circumstances. We can provide full legal advice to facilitate your
    needs quickly and efficiently. Our proactive team will look at your problem or
    situation and work with you to ensure that your expectations are met and
    that you are abiding by Chinese and international Corporate Law.
  • We are committed to resolving our clients’ problems and provide timely
    advice that fits in your personal timeframe. The time and efforts saved by
    our practice will undoubtedly improve your firm’s operations and enhance
    its capacity to respond to unexpected matters swiftly. By utilizing different
    resources that we have gained from our years of experience working in the
    Chinese business field we are able to provide a dynamic outlook on the
    situation and find the most efficient way to solve your problem.
  • When assisting clients, it is most often because their business is changing
    and developing. In the process of change it is always important to have
    someone that you can trust and we hope to be your firm of choice.