Universal Accountants

Universal Accountants joined hands with other professionals to provide full
range of Audit, financial, Tax and Corporate Consultancies to Local & Foreign


Our accounting services are structured to help small, medium and large businesses. Our team of Universal Accountants pride themselves on in-depth...


Our experts will advise on every aspect of your personal tax position with personal tax services to ensure you meet all regulatory compliance...

Corporate Advisors

Today’s business challenges call for only the best in compliance management tools. New regulations, ever-changing requirements call for...

We Provide Best Services

Our firm provides services not only in Pakistan but in USA, UK, Canada, Australia
& Middle East also. The organization also provides on-shore & off-shore
Accounting services to foreign companies and Undertakings. Moreover, we are
a Top Rated firm on Upwork!
We Love Our Clients

We Love Our Clients

A wide range of customer services to assist in making cost effective use of a product

Company of Professionals

Company of Professionals

Certified specialists provide all types of financial, business & customer support services

Make Business Strategy

Make Business Strategy

Emerge as a pattern of activity as the organization adapts to its environment.

We are always ahead

Universal Accountants joined hands with other professionals to provide full range of Audit, financial,

We provide premium customer support and offer affiliate programs.
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The primary task of accountants, which extends is to prepare and examine financial records.


Recording, reviewing, and interpreting data to determine the effectiveness of operations of Audit.


Taxation refers to the practice of a government collecting money from its citizens to pay for public.

Corporate Advisors

They analyze a company’s business plan and financial statements & funding opportunities


Testimonials from customers who are satisfied with services that have been effectively
used in marketing for as long as marketing exists.

I was very happy with the work Farhan (CEO) was doing. It was on time and
professionally done. I had some additional questions and he addressed all. I
would hire him again and would recommend him.

Miracle Crops

Shai HopeCEO

Universal Accountants has been a great asset to our companies and we will
continue to use them.

Leeward Real Estate Inc.

Sonia LeeCEO

Great work! I needed a CPA for some stuff, but Farhan (CEO) cleaned up my
books really well and I would gladly recommend him to anyone needing help
with book keeping.

Ghettifish Inc.

Nic BoveeCEO

Universal Accountants was worth every penny, and went above and beyond
what I asked to do. They are very easy to work with and patient. They are also
super responsive even though we are in a different time zone. I highly
recommend them. Good job!

White Octopus Web LLC

Pierre-Luc Pepin,CEO

Universal Accountants did an excellent job while working for our company’s
finance department. I would highly recommend them for any future

Intelligent Waves Inc.


Dan Chapa,CFO

Universal Accountants is probably the BEST bookkeeper/Audit agency I have
ever hired. I can't thank them enough for the fantastic work they have done
over the past few years. I will continue to use them in the future for any
bookkeeping tasks I have.

MyScreen Holdings Pty Ltd.

Mark Kostner,CEO

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