Budgeting & Valuations


A good cash management is the lifeblood of any organization. It can improve a
company’s liquidity, reduce unnecessary costs, and increase profitability. If your
cash flow is not appropriately maintained and analyzed at different intervals it
will definitely create a problem for business to continue.

No matter what is the nature of your business a good budget plan is a must-
have for every type of business. Without optimal cash flow, business operations

cease to exist, vendors jump ship and company may be forced to reduce
investments in areas that actually help make growth possible. Whether it’s sale
of products or services, or something else, it’s vital to have clear and sound
budget plan in place. Similarly, if you plan to merge with or acquire any
business, you need to seek expert’s advice for business valuation analysis of
capital structure of the company, its management, and its future earnings

Many clients find preparing cash flows, annual budget and valuation reports a
daunting process and look for the professional help to do the task.
At Universal Accountants, our experts view your past financial records and
future plans to help you ensure preparation of a sound budget that will lead
company to success. We will also revisit this plan on timely basis to concentrate
on areas for further improvements.

Our services include:

  • Good cash management is something that can make your business. We
    help you maintain optimal cash flow levels by forecasting future
    expenditures, tracking sources and budgeting accordingly.
  • We can help you re-balance your budget by analyzing your spending and
    debts (expected debt reduction) for an optimal cash flow.
  • We help you produce a comprehensive budget and put in place the tools
    to develop your business.
  • Our team will revisit the budget plan if there were any major changes in
    operations, business plan or business structure. With our help and
    guidance, you will always be able to operate your operations at optimal
    level will always be on top of your finances.
  • We use common approaches to business valuation: discounting cash
    flow models, review of financial statements, and similar company
    comparisons. Some of the business valuation methods include:

o Market capitalization
o Times revenue method
o Discounted cash flow method (DCF)
o Earnings multiplier
o Book value and;
o Liquidation value

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