Virtual CFO


For business to grow and mature, all the departments including the accounting
one needs to perform well. So, far the business is doing well, now the owner
needs to make strategic financial decisions to take the business to the next
level. This is how the concept of Virtual CFO (VCFO) emerges. To simplify fatuous
processes and to save exorbitant cost that includes bonuses and fringe benefit,
many small and medium size business owners opt for the services of a Virtual

Here at Universal Accountants, we act as your Virtual CFO and strive hard to
provide unmatched service backed with years of managing financial
departments. Following are the services offered by us:

  • Drafting and Presenting Financial Strategy for Working Capital,
    Appropriate Levels of Debt, Receivable/Payable Management, Capital
    Budgeting Decisions, Investments and most importantly Cash Flow
  • Taxation Strategy including Transfer Pricing, Net Operating Loss Carry
    forwards and others.
  • Accounting function including bookkeeping service, Performance
    Measurement Systems, Control Systems and Audit Function.
  • Financial Analysis including Cost of Capital, Capital Budgeting,
    Forecasting, Variance Analysis including investigation and
    recommendations on how to improve them, costs controls, capacity
    utilization, break-even analysis and others.
  • Advocating government on your behalf that will be helpful in long term
    planning for your company.
  • Sources of Finance, how to fund future capital projects, cash flow management, and investing excess funds.
  • Providing with investment tips& tricks to make owners understand how and where to invest to earn maximum returns.
  • Risk Management policies and procedures includes particular risk for example foreign currency exchange, Data Security Risk, Supply chain risk, liquidity risks and others and overall business risk.
  • Making owners aware of all the possible threats and opportunities regarding strategic decisions by working on a costing analysis, budget planning, etc.
  • Provides a deep analysis on finance and technological advancements.