Sales Tax & Value Added Taxation


General Sales Tax (GST), which is a modified form of VAT. Rampant changes in
the GST law have made it intricate and difficult for taxpayers to understand the
tax cycle. Due to this difficulty many organizations are now facing problem in
identifying risk areas and to ensure that they fully comply with the Pakistan Tax

At Universal Accountants, our expert tax consultants remove this burden of
worry from you, allowing you to focus on business goals around the world. We
not only keep you aware of recent tax changes that may affect your business
now or in future, but also will help you to integrate a plan into your business

Our range of services includes:

  • Tax Planning and Strategy Development
  • Applying for and obtaining GST registration.
  • Preparation and filing of Monthly GST Returns
  • Maintenance of GST Record
  • Following up GST exemption(s)
  • Reviews of existing systems to highlight possible areas of penalties
  • Advises for adjustment of input and output taxes and pursuing in claim
  • Assistance in obtaining refunds from Federal Board of Revenue as Tax Refunds are very important for our clients, therefore, we always give due diligence for claim of proper tax credits and taking refunds from FBR.
  • Representation on behalf of the clients before tax authorities on contentious GST issues
  • Performing as E-Intermediary
  • Advisory on day to day tax issues
  • Assistance in Issuance of NTN for the clients and STRN of the clients.
  • Assistance in going through Audit
  • Filing of Appeals of Sales Tax at all levels.
  • Assistance in obtaining Exemption certificates
  • Registration and maintenance of record for Duty & Tax Remission for Exporter (DTRE)
  • Correspondence with the CBR for removing fiscal anomalies

Taxation practice is the forte of our Firm. We have a pool of real taxation
experts that have the expertise to handle every situation faced by our most
valuable client call us today!