Internal Audit


Internal audit is checking within the entity and is very important aspect to
assess risk and evaluate controls. Recent high profile control failures require
organizations to take professionals help to provide assurance over the
effectiveness of entity’s internal controls and risk mitigation. Internal Audit helps
in ensuring optimum utilization of entity’s resources, as well as timely
identification of liabilities including contingent in nature. It further helps in
ensuring adequacy of information systems security and controls. What we offer
you: At Universal Accountants, we help our clients to meet the demands of
maintaining an effective internal audit function that includes but not limited to:

  • Checking the controls established within the system.
  • Evaluation of internal control department, if exist
  • Preparing Internal Audit Manual and Study of control objectives.
  • Analyzing Accounting and Audit manual.
  • Advising organizational hierarchy being followed.
  • Assessment of risks and open points.
  • Advice on existing controls weaknesses and areas of improvement.
  • Assets at risk and their protection.
  • Comparison of written internal control policies and procedures and
    adherence to same; checking control deviations.
  • Transfer of knowledge through bespoke training
  • Consideration of Fraud in internal audit.
  • Audit of Corporate Governance.
  • Process Audits
  • Treasury Audit
  • Quality Assurance
  • Model Audit


The business landscape is getting complicated by the time and so the need of
forensic auditing arises. Forensic auditing is the next level highly specialized
auditing services because it requires in-depth knowledge and expertise into
both financial and accounting matters as well as suspicious and unethical
patterns of abuse. It is important for business owners to understand the
difference between suspicion and facts and to gather the required evidence in
the business world to find the truth as early as possible. At Universal
Accountants, we provide the following Forensic Auditing services:

  • Discover hidden and pilfered assets- Asset tracking and misappropriation
  • Accounting fraud examination
  • Uncover miss-reporting in contracts
  • Fidelity claims
  • Technical Accounting
  • Foreign Corrupt Practice
  • Management Fee Transactions
  • UK Bribery Acts
  • USA Patriot Act
  • Whistleblower Investigations
  • Track waste and embezzlement or other white-collar crimes
  • Accountant Liability
  • Regulatory-related investigations
  • M&A Fraud Services
  • Document the evidence in a systematic manner.

Why Choose Us for Forensic Auditing Services? Universal Accountants have the
required skills and experience to resolve the high-stake accounting fraud. Our
forensic accounting services have helped several clients to identify fraud and
function smoothly without any glitches. The three best reasons to choose us are
as follows:

1. Your data is safe with us We follow strict confidentiality agreements and
policies which ensure your data security.
2. Cost-effective Rates We provide the best quality and cost-effective forensic
accounting services and audit procedures.
3. Cutting-edge Technologies We use latest and path breaking technologies to
provide the best-quality forensic and fraud examination services within a quick
turnaround time.