Income Tax


Tired of busy tax season? Today’s tax preparation laws needs special attention
as they are getting much more complicated than ever before. If you were to
handle the tax process on your own, it can take you days to complete the task
at hand. Remember, that you have several forms to organize and less
experienced preparer`s might overlook deductions or credits that you may be
entitled to.

With Universal Accountants tax preparation outsourcing services, any errors on
your return and tax-processing will go well with you and your organization
need not handle the workload anymore. Our experts will function as your
personalized income tax processing department with minimal operating costs!

Our Tax Preparation Services include:

Our services ensure that diverse client’s requirements are handled in the most
efficient manner. We offer

  • Form 1040 (individuals)
  • Form 1065 (Partnerships)
  • Form 1120 (For companies)
  • Classifying and interpreting P/L items
  • Tax treatment of various accounts

Our Federal Tax Return Services:

  • Individual Income Taxes
  • S Corporation Income Taxes
  • C Corporation Income Taxes
  • Fiduciary Income Taxes
  • Partnership Income Taxes
  • Heavy Equipment Use Taxes
  • Nonprofit Corporation Taxes

Our State Tax Return Services:

  • Individual Income Taxes (for all states)
  • Corporate Income Taxes
  • Partnership Income Taxes
  • Intangible Taxes
  • Tangible Taxes
  • Charter/Franchise Taxes

Our Tax Processing Process:

1. Sending Scanned Documents
The process of filing tax returns starts with sending us scanned documents.
Once we receive the files, our experts will enter the data into tax software.

2. Entry of and Auditing
Auditing of tax returns ensures that the data is correctly entered in the software
and accounted for.

3. Returns Are Transmitted For Review
In the next stage, the returns are transmitted (by using ASP/FTP) to clients firm
for review. You are free to request modifications if needed.

4. Submitting Final Copy to the Clients
When the customer finalizes the returns, the Universal Accountants team will
update the tax file and send a final copy to the client, to be filed before the due
By using our services, your business saves more than before with the improved
tax processes and procedures. Get in touch with us today!