Statutory & External Audit


Audits are all about controls and assurance that bring unexpected benefits to
an entity by assuring the true and view of business accounts. At different
stages of business, problems might emerge with the reliability of your financial
statements due to inappropriate financial reporting process/controls in place
hence not delivering sufficient information necessary to meet your internal or
external reporting deadlines. The purpose of a statutory audit is to determine
whether an entity is providing a true and fair representation of its financial
position. At Universal Accountants, we can help our clients with independent
audit reviews and advice on controls.

Our core Audit services include:

  • Compliance with regulations (compliance audit)
  • Project assurance services
  • Preparation of process and related documentation
  • Gap identification and analysis
  • Organization structure hierarchy audit
  • Advice on internal controls weaknesses
  • Monitoring of prospective regulatory changes
  • Reviewing accounting treatments with respect to complex transactions
    Corporate governance audit

Why You Need Our Statutory & External Audit Services? The foundation of our
services is a natural blend of compliance and value. You can rely on us for the
application of audit methodology and techniques for end to end audits and
assurance services and use our expertise to bring precision to your audit.