International Taxation


Tax compliance regulations are becoming complex for firms with overseas
operations. If you plan to expand your business worldwide, or looking to
minimize the risks and the costs associated with established international
offices, a strong international tax planning strategy advisor is all you need.

International tax matters revolve around on the main characteristics of local,
overall international and regional tax and legal requirements that apply to your
business. As businesses expand globally, the business owner needs to deal
with regulatory pressures, sophisticated revenue authorities and diverse
reporting standards– and Universal Accountants has deep experience with all
of it and advise you in specific areas such as:

  • Tax effective financing
  • Foreign income tax preparation and Development of tax efficient structures
  • Initial registrations, calculations, and reconciliations of direct and indirect tax returns
  • Mitigating tax leakage
  • Foreign withholding return reporting
  • Indirect tax return preparation
  • Transfer pricing advisory services
  • Local tax provision preparation
  • Tax rulings
  • Back-office services

The Universal Accountants each client operates range of services that are
coordinated across areas of geographies and manages through a central,
professional point-of-contact. Our Taxation Services are not just focused
around cutting costs but more importantly about augmenting the client’s
business value. Our experts have extensive experience in tax preparation,
meeting taxation return filing deadlines, and handling tax compliance workload.

Our team is well-conversant with widely accepted tax software. The team
receives continuous in-house training regarding international tax laws and
regulations to ensure that they stay abreast with all the requirements. Call us