Financial Analysis


The financial analysis function will help your business analyze the ups and
down and where to focus more to create value and save costs. The reason for
now-a-days increased analysis is to stay informed about the performance of
the business and how to use it to make informed decisions.

The analysis of financial statement will provide critical information regarding
profitability, solvency/liquidity and efficiency of the business. Outsourcing
financial analysis ensures better quality, lower cost and easier management.

The following services are available at Universal Accountants, in the domain of
the outsourced financial services function:

  • Key Performance Indicators that determine the success of the business;
    financial ratio analysis, NPV, IRR, and break-even analysis.
  • Dash Board Reporting.
  • Analysis of financial statements and annual management reports.
  • Reporting to Stakeholders means portraying a true picture to the
    stakeholders whether it is debt, equity or government organizations.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting is an important function to perform because
    forward planning will set the path for the business owners and
    employees and hence plays an important part in the success of the
    business. The budgets for the particular periods will be compared to the
    actual results to determine variances from expected performance. The
    variance results will be used to improve performance or to calculate
    performance based pay.
  • The forecasting prepares the business for uncertainties. It takes into
    account economic conditions, past trends for the business and outside
    world, political and economic outlook, assumptions and pure judgment
    after consultation with the business’s management. The forecast will help
    the business plan for the future, what resources it needs, human
    resource requirement, finances it needs, production expansion.
  • Ad-hoc reports and industry reports and competitor analysis.
  • Analysis of portfolio structures, prospectuses and offer documents.

Why Outsource Financial Analysis Services?

Outsourcing financial reporting services to Universal Accountants can give your
organization access to the following advantages:

  • Quick and enhanced decision making abilities- better knowledge
  • Reduced costs and enhanced quality – stake holders concerned
  • Improved service levels, providing access to the latest data
  • Transparent financial reporting

If your organization is looking for expert and cost-effective financial analysis
services, outsource to Universal Accountants and get access to the best